Hydraulic Jack Double Acting Plain Ram

Hydraulic Jack Double Acting Plain Ram

High Quality Cylinder used for lifting and pressing purpose
available in custom strokes & capacities

10T TO 1000T
50-300 mm
Max. Working Pressure
700 Bar (10,000psi)

► Perfect for bridge lifting, building reconstruction, shipyard, utility
equipment maintanance
► Ideal for heavy duty hydraulic press applications for pushing and pressing
► Provide force in advance and return cycles
► Inner body chrome plated
► Hard chrome plated pistons to resist scoring and corrosion
► Road wiper protects inner cylinders from dirt
► Optional top and base plate is available



K = KANWAR HYDRAULIC JACK, D = Double Acting Oil Return, P = Plain Ram
Cylinder Capacity(ton)Stroke (mm)ModelEffecive Area (cm2)Oil Cap. (cc)Close Height (mm)Ram Dia (mm)Weight (kg)
10150KDP 10-15015.9239290308.3
15150KDP 15-15023.83572904012
20150KDP 20-15031.24682955015
25150KDP 25-15038.55783055516
30150KDP 30-15044.26633205517
50150KDP 50-15078.511783307027.8
75150KDP 75-150113.116973309042
100150KDP 100-150153.9230935011055.6
150150KDP 150-1502273405360140100
200150KDP 200-150314.24713380150132
250150KDP 250-150380.15702390180168
300150KDP 300-150452.46786400180198
400150KDP 400-150572.68589420220280
500150KDP 500-150706.910604445240356
600150KDP 600-150855.312830470270480
800150KDP 800-1501134.117012495300688
1000150KDP 1000-1501418.621280530350920
Higher capacity and customized solutions on request. Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.